Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Cloud Computing Applications Collections You Can Try


Cloud computing applications are various with their good features. From free video calling to data storages, you can pick one of the most useful for your daily life. Here is the list of free cloud services that you can try!
The cloud computing applications are actually available on the web in a viral number. There are many providers with their cool design. You will get a great cloud services from there. You can easily use the data storages in cloud with the internet connections. Of course, it’s about making a good solution for the online services. Here are several applications that you can try to get on your mobile or visit on their site. It has interesting cloud services that will make you easily get a new way of communication.
Cloud Computing Applications for Easy Communication
The criteria for cloud computing applications on the communication model have a huge collection. There is much cloud computing applications list that you can try out. The most popular application on this criterion is Skype. Skype is a cool application that let you to have the video call.
The regular call with some text communication is also provided on this service. What makes more interesting about Skype is its ability to get some conference call. You can invite a group talk in a video conference call. It must be the last dream technology. Now it can be realized with the cloud services.
Cloud Computing Applications for Easy Data Storages
The cloud computing applications are useful for the data storages. You can easily save the documents on the cloud. You also can get those documents and share them with your colleague. Of course, it must be great solution for the good online services. Well, some cloud computing applications examples on this criterion are Box. Box is a simple cloud provider that will store your data in a safe “box”. It helps you to put the files on the cloud. Of course, you will get the easy data transaction from there. The most important, it has cheap costing!

Well, now you get some example of several cloud applications. You can take another example like the YouTube, Soundcloud, etcetera that really useful as the media servers. Thanks to internet that now the communication is not a big problem. Share your experience on using the cloud computing applications and have a good day.

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